Ethics and The Canadian Public Relations Society

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) is an organization created for Canadians in public relations, with over 16 different membership cities. It is the leading professional advancement for public relations and communications.


CPRS serves as an organization for networking, educational, and professional development purposes.  With public relations on the rise, its practitioners are being challenged on a daily basis with ethical dilemmas. Consequently, the CPRS has developed conducts to follow, to ensure their members follow and practice in an ethical manner.


Entitled, “The Code of Professional Standard,” it is broken down into nine concrete rules, all outlining the proper practices for public relations, with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, accuracy, and professionalism.

This is demonstrated by such principles as:


  • “A member shall deal fairly and honestly with the communications media and the public”
  • “A member shall practice the highest standards of honesty, accuracy, integrity and truth, and shall not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information”
  • “A member shall not guarantee specified results beyond the member’s capacity to achieve”


The above principles all illustrate that a member must be conduct business in a manner that does not conflict with company or public interest. It also ensures members do not take credit for work that isn’t their own, and that they should not try to destroy a person’s profession or career.


The code also advocates a strong respect and following of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom, and the Canadian constitution.  It also stresses that members should work on projects that are their own, and only be paid for their work.


With this code, the CPRS keeps their members at the highest of standards, while helping them prosper in an educational setting.  Ethics and public relations should be a hand-in-hand process, and with the code of professional standards as reference, it maintains ethics in Canadian public relations.


For more information, visit the CPRS website:


–Becca Page

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One Response to Ethics and The Canadian Public Relations Society

  1. Nicole P. says:

    Thanks for this post and thanks for this blog on ethics. Whenever I tell someone I am studying PR, I get the classic: “Ohhhh so you’re going to be a spin doctor!” and I typically smile kindly and say, “sure, but we have a code of ethics which plainly states that dishonesty is intolerable.” People are often surprised by this so I love how straightforward this post is on the hard and fast rules.

    As PR professionals it is important we act with the highest standards of honesty and maintain our reputation as the link between our organization and the public.

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