Why So Ethical?

The influence of a public relations professional extends beyond the public. The often-overlooked side is internal communications.  That is only half their job; the public relations professional should be the most ethical person in the office.  Having the task of bridging the gap between the public, the corporate heads and the employees there must convey a certain level of transparency in the position.

Being ethical in this position is a must. You have to answer to three entities for your actions.  Often perceived as a spin-doctor, the public relations professional is often placed in a situation where they have to make tough decisions.

These kinds of decisions have ramifications that can affect people on all sides.  It’s a decision that cannot be made on a whim.  They are often antagonized, scrutinized, and analyzed from every possible angle.  Each decision a public relations professional makes is a meticulous move intended to better relationships.

When delivering bad or unpopular news, it is the job of a public relations professional to spice it up and make the impact easier to handle.  Gone are the days when things would be swept under the rug. Integrity is a professional’s most valuable asset. It is increasingly important to remain on the positive side of ethics.

— Troy Baker

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